1812 Salamanca: information about the Battle of Salamanca, at Arapiles

Anglo-Portuguese Society
: fosters Anglo-Portugal relations

Apsley House Peninsular War tour: Peninsular War artifacts at Wellington's London home

Badajoz 1811 - 1812  information about Fortress Badajoz and the Peninsular War

Bexhill Hanoverian Study Group: The King's German Legion study group

British Historical Society of Portugal
: organises events and lectures

Fondation Napoléon: encourages interest in the history & preservation of Napoleonic heritage

Lines of Torres Vedras: Preserves this historical site built during the Napoleonic Wars

Friends of Lochnagar: Preserves this Great War memorial on the Somme

Napoleonic Wars Forum:  information and discussion about all aspects of the Napoleonic Wars

Peninsular War 1808-1814: a wealth of information on the battles

Peninsular War Battlefield Tours: Recommended tour guides

Portsmouth Napoleonic Society: 1807-1814 Peninsular War research

Portuguese Association of the Knights of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

The Waterloo Association: events and publications about Britain's role in the Napoleonic Wars