23 June 2018 Elvas, PORTUGAL

This world event will be held in 2018 in Elvas on the Square of the Republic on Friday, the 23rd of June at 18h00.

Marcos Perestrello, Secretary of State for national defense and Nuno Mocinha, Mayor of Elvas, will present to the public the "Military Tourism World Summit 2018", the first World Tourism Summit that will also feature the presentation of the work of Secondary school students.                                                                     The theme is "Elvas: Entrepreneurship and Military Heritage ".

The presentation of this international event, unprecedented in Portugal, also includes historical recreations, the fanfare of the Army,
an exhibition of historical and contemporary military equipment and a video presentation of the Summit.

At the Summit, researchers will meet experts in their field, entrepreneurs and associations with a view to developing innovative solutions for tourism in spaces with historical and military characteristics.
The British Cemetery and the Chapel of S. Joao da Corujeira, adjoining the British Cemetery, will be open to the public. It is the oldest chapel in Elvas.