Peninsular Timeline
British defeat Spanish fleet  at Cape St. Vincent, Portugal
Second Treaty of San Ildefonso: Spain and France join forces against the British Empire.
Portugal refuses to comply with Napoleon's embargo on trade with Britain.

War of the Oranges: French and Spanish troops invade Portugal
Spain seizes Olivença
Peace of Badajoz: Portugal agrees to close its ports to Britain
Fontainebleau: Spain agrees to support France against Portugal
French army crosses Spain and invades Portugal
Portuguese King João IV goes into exile in Brazil
France invades Spain
Spanish King Carlos IV and his son Ferdinand abdicate
Madrid uprising is painted by Goya
Napoleon installs his brother Joseph as King of Spain

British Expeditionary Force under Arthur Wellesley defeats French at Vimeiro
Convention of Sintra: French are evacuated from Portugal on British ships
Sir John Moore put in command of British troops; Wellesley returned to London

Spanish defeat French at Bailén; Napoleon leads large French army into Spain
Pro-French mayor of Badajoz is killed by Spanish citizens 
Spain appeals to England for help
British troops are driven by Marshal Soult to Galicia and embark at La Coruna.
Wellesley returns to Lisbon to take command of British and Portuguese forces
Having driven the French from Portugal, Wellesley defeats the French at Talavera
The British Army withdraws to Portugal.
Viscount Wellington of Talavera [Wellesley]  defeats Marshal Masséna at Busaco
Marshal Masséna withdraws from Portugal 
Battle of Albuera: Allied victory is turning point of Peninsular War
England is not asleep, she is always on the watch Napoleon

Nelson defeats Spanish and French fleets at Cape Trafalgar
Portugal restores relations with Britain
Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of Windsor: the oldest active treaty in the world
One year of peace between  Britain and France 1792-1815
Continental System: embargo on trade with Britain. Portugal refuses to comply; therefore is subject to  annexation by France
Third Siege of Badajoz 
Battle of Salamanca: Wellington defeats Marshal Marmont's army
Battle of Vitoria: French are defeated and retreat from Iberian Peninsula
Battle of Toulouse: Wellington is victorious in the last battle of the Peninsular War
Napoleon abdicates
Portugal and Spain join the European Union
Anglo-Luso Treaty: established the right to English burial grounds in Portugal
Ferdinand VII restored to Spanish throne by Napoleon
Britain declares war on France 18 May 1803
Spain joins France against Britain and allied forces